AC2 Sagl is a company that has for its purpose the realization of Pipelines, Oil & Gas Plants, Chemical Plants and Petrochemicals, Civil Construction finalized to plant engineering, Generation, Maintenance and Operation of Industrial Plants.

Service business unit is applied to the design and technical assistance for the development of engineering, company quality systems, corporate safety systems, surveillance during the manufacturing of several items such as: second and third part inspection activities, expediting, test supervision , and the availability of specialized resources for the installation of industrial plants.
Our team consists of designers, technicians, engineers and researchers working in a highly qualified network to meet the most complex challenges and to develop winning strategies geared towards innovation and optimization of business productivity.

The flexibility of the internal organization has also made possible to adapt its organization to the requirements of its customers, from industrial groups to smaller companies, guaranteeing high quality performances.

AC2 Sagl defines the quality of its services and products as the merit of the people who collaborate with it, technology is only the suitable tool. Operating in Quality is “Know how to operate in the best compromise between quality / safety / price”.