Activity required in order to verify the progress that suppliers comply with the requirements of the customer’s purchase order, respecting the times and terms of contract delivery.
Distinguished in: Expediting on-site and desk expediting
The experience of AC2 Sagl sees the application of such activity, expediting, starting in the same time of the issuance of a supply order, since it has been shown that constant monitoring is the only certain opportunity to assess the need for corrective / preventive actions aimed at compliance with delivery terms, or to minimize delays, when unavoidable, in this regard, AC2 Sagl can provide highly qualified personnel with proven professional experience in the specific sectors to which the expediting activity must apply.
The objective of AC2 Sagl is to avoid possible penalties for the customer and to maintain contractual milestones.
Desk expediting is the work carried out from the headquarters, the resource in charge as expeditor function is responsible for collecting information from the supplier by telephone, email or other devices. In all cases a report will give evidence of the data received with the sources and all the possible evidences, with respect to the contract planning.
Main elements evaluated during an on-site visit :

Information or approvals requested from the Customer
Engineering progress
Work overload of the Supplier
Lack of supplier experience for that type of production
Material deliveries to be used for the project
Delays by sub-suppliers
Dependence by sub-contractors
Production and assembly
Assigned resources
Inspections and tests with respect to ITP
Corrective actions by the Supplier