engineers, workers seen through a large cogwheels interior

“INSPECTION” is the action taken to ensure that the quality of the purchased product is in accordance with the purchase order and customer specifications. To achieve this goal, the inspector is asked to intervene during processing / production and to attend any qualitative process necessary to ensure the level of quality required in the purchase order and report any observations. While performing the inspection, the inspector may be required to perform the following actions:

Verification of the Purchase Order
Check documentation
Check materials
Attend the tests as reported on the Quality Control Plan, if any
Issuance of non-compliance
Intermediate and final report issuance

AC2 Sagl is able to provide high skilled and qualified inspectors.
E&I sector: CompEx, Atex, EEHA inspector.
Mechanical sector: PED, ASME, Welding, NDT inspector.